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Data Protocol Launches Important Effort to Support Developer Education

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Investing in mobile app developer education is one of the most important steps the privacy community can take to better proactively protect and secure user data.

That is why we are excited that Data Protocol has launched its new platform and course offerings to provide developers with the information they need on protecting user’s mobile app privacy in a format they can easily digest.

Throughout its investigations of mobile apps to date, IDAC has identified many problems that could be solved during the app development phase. With a proper understanding of privacy risks, developers can better protect consumer data when a user downloads and uses mobile apps.

“Our work as an independent watchdog is made more effective when it is part of a broader ecosystem that includes early education from organizations like Data Protocol,” said IDAC Acting President Leslie Harris. “By working with developers to create better privacy practices, we will begin to move towards a more fair, trustworthy digital ecosystems. One fundamental way to support and proactively strengthen the mobile app ecosystem is to implement meaningful, long-term educational programs for developers.”

Data Protocol’s courses include those on privacy by design, data management, understanding your code, data regulations, and more. You can check out the full list of Data Protocol’s courses here