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Announcing the Digital Trust Initiative

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Last week, IDAC was thrilled to offer a special briefing on our latest project – the Digital Trust Initiative (DTI). A unique, multifaceted effort, DTI combines developer education and ongoing monitoring of digital apps to build trust in the digital ecosystem. 

Over the last 6 months, IDAC has gathered input and support for DTI while simultaneously building a curriculum for developers that includes practical guidance on key privacy and security issues. At the briefing, IDAC President Quentin Palfrey introduced the project and updated participants on the status of our work to date. The briefing also featured Jake Ward, co-founder and CEO of Data Protocol, which is partnering with IDAC on DTI to help create a developer training course.

Please check out the recorded special briefing here. We welcome any questions and interest in DTI and look forward to offering more updates in the coming months.